Tuesday July 13th - Calgary ’99

There was a very strange panorama with a curiously twisted (stuffed) mountain lion jumping a very calm (stuffed) ram. We got the rental car and drove to a Holiday Inn that was right on the train tracks (great for proximity to the Stampede and other things, hard to sleep with at night...).

From there we drove to Beautiful Downtown Calgary and managed to meet up with Leslie on a street corner! (We planned it, it wasn't a coincidence. It was just surprising that it worked!) At the corner we met on was this huge tall tower, I forget how many stories, but the elevator took like 62 seconds to get to the top! So we took the 62-second-ride up to the top, which had a windowy place where you could see the whole city from. We went to a mall where Erin found an Arcade and rode a strange ride with a horse-facimile race. I think she won.

Then we just sort of cruised around Calgary, seein' the sights kind of thing. We went to dinner at a place called the Buzzard Café, which specialized in weird country food. I had a buffalo meat hamburger and Wild Horse Ale, which was really good! Outside the Café there were bails of straw and a wood rail with a saddle on it, so Mark and I posed for pictures. Oh, the Café (and many other places) gave out lollipops instead of mints! More fun, tho more litter...

After that we tried, o we tried! to go out and party a little, but it was raining and we weren't really prepared for that. We found a pub called the Kings Head that was supposed to have a blues band, but after a couple drinks we all got really tired, so we went back to the hotel. Leslie, for some reason, had a different hotel for the first night, but after that she joined us at the Holiday Inn.

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