Thursday July 15th - Calgary ’99

Thursday - it was still a little dreary, but not actively raining, and we decided to drive to a town called Vulcan, which Erin had found out about in a movie called Trekkies. Apparently it was originally named after the Roman god of fire, but Star Trek fans have adopted it.

We discovered when we got there that there's nothing really there - except a big statue of the Enterprise, a weird board with Enterprise Crew painted on that you can stick your face into (Erin did it!), and a Chamber of Commerce shaped like a flying saucer! (Yes, really!)

Just as we pulled into Vulcan, the rain started seriously. When we were Touristing at the Enterprise, it started blowing really hard, and we didn't take too many pictures since the rain was being forced into small cracks in the cameras.

On the way back, Erin stopped to take a picture of a mustard field. We stayed in the car and took a picture of her.

We stopped at a Tea House, to have Tea and Crumpets and other Civilized Foods.

In the evening was the Chuckwagon Races. Again, it rained, but we were under cover so it was ok, just VERY COLD. The chuckwagon races were all these guys and horses flying around in all this mud. Messy, messy, fun!

Leslie, Eric and I stayed for the Show afterward, dancing people and lights and spangles a-la-Vegas, jugglers, some acts from the Circue de Soliel, and fireworks (very cool!).


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