Alaska Expedition 2003

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17 Days in Alaska: August 7 through 23

Juneau to Prince Rupert and destinations in between

With our doubles and extra fill bottles of oxygen and helium shipped to the boat, Captain Mike's new Scubapro steel 100s, drysuits all around, comfortable 48 degree water (ranged from 43 to 56), decent weather, great crew and a top-notch group of guests, we had, well, a blast. We spent 13 days on the Nautilus Explorer roaming around the Alaskan islands between Juneau and Prince Rupert. The following pages provide a travel and photo log of the trip.

The photographs were captured with a Canon 10D using Canon 17-40L and 75-300IS lenses. The underwater Yasha photos are Nikonos-V natural light shots using Kodak T400CN negative film pushed to 1600 and a Sea&Sea 12mm lens. All images have been resized from their native 16-bit 36MB size to a more web friendly 8-bit 100k JPEG compressed size.

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