Kwajalein Atoll, 12-2004

Section 1 - From Honolulu to first stop Majuro, capitol of the Marshall Islands. Then on past Ebeye and on to Kwajalein Army Base.

Section 2 - Tour of the Ground Based Radar installations around the base. A conceptual drawing closely matches the now completed Ronald Reagan GBR Prototype.

Section 3 - A bit of underwater exploration of the lagoon wrecks. These Japanese merchant vessels, armed for war, went down in the battle of Kawajalein Atoll during Operation Flintlock. Live and unstable ammunition is scattered on the sea bed, rusting away over the past 60 years.

Section 4 - Downtown Kwaj, dorms, and the new Boeing Smurf Housing

Section 5 - Operation Flintlock Battlefield Tour

Section  6 - War Department Film #1037: What Makes A Battle. The making of Operation Flintlock

Missile Defense Agency Launch Status:

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